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  • "2 houses in Less than 30 Days. 1 with luck and the other with a little work and a lot of luck!!... it just takes a couple hours a day. Thanks for all the lessons and support." - Jerry 
  •  On Saturday I was in the Car with my Son (9 yrs old) and we were talking about the lottery because he saw the sign. I mentioned that some people would rather spend their money in the lottery then real estate. He said why real estate makes more since, I agreed. Then he said the best thing ever. He said "the only thing that makes real estate risky is if you bought a house in the middle of the desert, but if you bought in a city, you will make money." I cannot express how this is already changing our lives. Thank you. " - Celena
  •  "My first flip sold made $6,500 in less than 30 days only spent $600! My partner Jeff and I are blessed, we love life! Thank you Dustin and team for introducing me to this so i can provide for friends and family!" - Steven
Meet the Author
Dustin Hahn is a highly requested educator and speaker in the Real Estate world and an authority on Wholesaling and Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing. 

At the age of 19, Hahn began studying tax sale techniques that were used by banks and other funds to increase the returns on investments that exceed the usual 1 - ­3% that most institutions were offering. 

He’s also hosted seminars and workshops to help empower up and coming real estate investors with the tools they need to succeed in this industry. People from all over the world have completed Dustin’s workshops and training seminars, and gone on to become full time real estate investors.

In his free time, Dustin loves travelling, spending time outdoors mountain biking, snowmobiling and staying healthy and active.

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